Aug 11, 2014


Brad was busy "working" last week on Lake Michigan and brought home an 11 pound rainbow trout and a 21 pound king salmon!  As much as I want to love salmon, I've never much cared for it.  However, now we have 8 packs of salmon steaks in our freezer, so its time to find a good recipe!

I combined a couple recipes that I found and it turned out quite good!  Brad and Rachel loved it, the other two, not so much. I also whipped up some couscous that I had in the cupboard, and some roasted broccoli and parsnips.  I've never had parsnips before and they were delicious!  They taste like a milder sweet potato fry.  And because I knew that the younger wouldn't touch the salmon if it was the last thing on earth, I made scalloped potatoes with ham.

Salmon Steaks
2- 1 1/2 inch thick salmon steaks
1/3 c. maple syrup
1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
2-4 cloves of garlic, minced

Combine ingredients in saucepan and heat until boiling, remove from heat and cool completely.  Place steaks in a gallon Ziploc bag and pour marinade over steaks.  Marinade at least one hour and can marinade overnight.

Take steaks our and place in a baking dish, bake at 350 until salmon is opaque all the way through and flaky.

*Next time I will double the marinade so it was more saucy in the pan, and let it marinade overnight!

The Little Mermaid

Last week Emma got to be in a summer theater camp through G.R.E.A.T Theater in St. Cloud.  The camp is Monday-Friday from 9-4 and then on Friday they have their performance at 3:00.  It is AMAZING to see how much these kids learn in a week, and how confident they are!

This year she performed in "The Little Mermaid Jr" and was Attina, one of Ariel's sister's.  She didn't have much of a speaking part, but sang in 4 songs and had short solo pieces for each.

She did SO good!  I was amazed at how well she sings...I mean, I know she can sing, but she nailed her parts!  She is thinking she might want to do a main stage play, we'll have to see as that is quite the time commitment...

This was her crew, and she has already said how much she misses all her friends!

Good job Emma, we are all SO proud of you!

Aug 8, 2014


This summer has flown by, I cannot believe that in a few short weeks the girls will be back in school...makes me sad...kind of.  I love my children dearly, and have honestly (no really) enjoyed having them home.  My house gets (kind of) cleaned, I get help with laundry, and we've gotten to do some fun things.  However, the bickering is getting old, getting asked 47,000 times a week if we can go shopping (by all 3, mind you.  Not sure how one person who HATES shopping gives birth to 3 who love it...), and I swear if Rachel shows me one more damn Coach purse on Ebay that she wants to buy, I might just snap. 

In spite of that, we have thoroughly enjoyed summer, especially our new boat.  Lots of nights taking the girls and cousins tubing on the lake.

 I am sure my chiropractor will love seeing how out of whack my girls are after a summer of getting knocked around in the tube, haha!

We had tons of fun at our friends 40th birthday party.  The theme was 80's.  Um hello, it's totally my fave decade.  The 20's come in a close second...I think I was originally from the 20's, just sayin...

Brad dressed up as our friend Craig, who was the 1988 homecoming king, hilarious!  I was the lady from Flashdance.

All the pretty ladies dressed up, LOVE these gals!

One of Alayna's lists.  This girl cracks me up!  Chredmeal....classic...

And lastly, having fun at the Schroeder family reunion at the farm.  The kiddos played a game of softball, so fun to watch!

Jul 30, 2014

Volleyball Camp

Rachel had volleyball camp last week at St.Ben's college here in town.  It's a Sunday through Tuesday overnight camp.  They work the girls from 8 am to 9 pm!

      They had a ton of fun and she always learns a lot!  On Tuesday they played against each other from 2-4:30.  It was so fun to watch her play again and I cannot wait for volleyball to start up again!!

Girlfriend was wiped as she had to play softball that night too, haha!  I think she slept for 15 hours straight!

Jul 15, 2014

South Dakota Vacation- Day 5

This was our last sightseeing day in the Black Hills and we decided to do Custer State Park.  It was neat, but not as beautiful as our drive the day before.  We did get to see the buffalo and the girls got pretty close up to them (well not too close).  

The best part were the donkeys.  Those suckers come right up to you (which freaked me right out, of course) and there was a guy with a bag of carrots that he gave to the girls to feed them.  They thought that was pretty darn cool.  As we walked to the van, they followed us and tried to get in, haha!

They loved to pose too!

Then we drove south of Custer on a random gravel road to find some cool rocks.  Emma Jo is a lover of rocks and had a blast looking for rocks.  Funny how she knew the names of them!  The above pic was neat because there was a thunderstorm south of us and it looked so cool!

Rachel wasn't overly thrilled with our rock hunting and sat in the van...oh the fun of teenagers...

That night we made it back to Mt. Rushmore to watch the lighting ceremony.  On our way to Mt. Rushmore we did Needles Highway which was gorgeous, but freaked Rachel and I out with the height.  We did see a bunch of deer and even a couple mountain goats!  

The lighting ceremony was SO neat.  They showed a 20 minute video that gave a brief description of each president and what they stood for.  About 2.5 minutes into it Alayna was asking if it was almost done.  That kid does NOT like to sit...

After the movie they ask all past and present veterans to come down to the stage and they ask their name and which service they were in.  About 10 of the veterans did the lowering and folding of the American Flag and then we sang the National Anthem.  If you had any ounce of patriotism in you, you were bawling by this point.  As we were singing, they slowly light up Mt. Rushmore.  It was absolutely beautiful!

We got home around 10:30 and the girls went to bed, they were wiped!  Brad and I sat on the deck and enjoyed our last evening before heading home.  We seriously considered staying another night as the next day was our wedding anniversary.  As fun as it would have been, we didn't need to spend the extra money, bummer. 

Such a wonderful vacation, we can't wait to go back!

South Dakota Vacation-Day 4

The best part of vacation was getting up early and sitting on the deck.  This morning I got up around 6 and brought my chair outside and went to get my coffee.  When I opened the door, there were 5 deer coming down our side hill.  Of course as soon as I took this pic, they all ran away.  I sat down and about 15 minutes later 2 of them came back and roamed for about 10 minutes.  Closest I've ever been to a deer!

Brad wanted to take us out to the area where they turkey hunt, and I would have to say this was my favorite day!  We took a narrow gravel road north of Custer that was state land and drove.  We saw lots of deer, but no elk, bummer.

The views were incredible!  We also went up to Bear Mountain Lookout, it's a big tower that you can walk up and look out over the mountains.  There was a woman up there who ivited us in.  This was her living quarters and she lived there from May-October.  She watches for smoke, and then uses special equipment to get the location of the fire and reports it to dispatch.  She had some coloring books, stickers and badges for Alayna.  It was fascinating to hear her talk.

We found a spot to have a picnic and saw there was a herd of cows by us.  Within a couple minutes they came running right past us, there had to be at least 50!  Scared the be-jezus out of me!

After our drive we went into Custer to do some shopping.  They had some pretty neat little shops, Alayna and Rachel got South Dakota shirts.

We stopped at the Purple Cow Pie Place for a snack.  The girls got ice cream and Brad and I split an apple pie.  Holy heck, that was DIVINE!

That night we had a fire, the weather was gorgeous.  We played the "I'm going camping..." game and had to chuckle at some of the items, haha.

This kid is growing up waaaaay too fast...


This pic cracks me up as Alayna had no idea Emma photo bombed her!

South Dakota Vacation-Day 3

Tuesday morning I got up early and was itching for a run.  However, I am not one who feels comfortable running in places I'm not familiar with.  The road we were on was super curvvy and had no shoulder. 

We had a side hill on our property and I decided to run up and down that hill.  It was quite the workout!  I'm sure I looke like a damn fool, but it felt so good to work up a sweat...


This is the front of our rental, it was such a cute little cabin about 5 minutes from town.  We were surrounded by pine trees, I LOVE that sound!  There was a really neat old cabin right next to us and I was dying to go explore.  However there was a no trespassing sign and my family saiid they'd disown me if I tried....bummer.

Mom and mousie selfie before heading out for the day.

Love this picture of us, and love this man!

We went to Mt. Rushmore, which was incredible.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous!  We watched a 15 minute movie about how it was made, it is unbelievable how anyone, especially that long ago, could create this.  We also got to see one of the guys who originally worked on Mt. Rushmore, he was a driller.  Pretty cool!

Christmas card pic! You can tell which pics were taken with Brad's camera, and which ones were with mine, haha!

We got back to the house, made supper and decided to drive the road that our cabin was on to see how many deer we could find.  Holy cats do they have deer out there... I think we counted about 50 on our 30 minute drive!